The Kindle School at a glance

  • Early Childhood preparatory program with a curricular focus on domains of development & pre-academics.
  • Proponents of STEAM incorporating Math, Science, and Technology “Learning Labs” in the classroom.
  • Advocates of learning through play, while applying Piaget & Vygotsky theories of learning to pedagogy of teaching.
  • Mathematics, Language & Literacy, and Handwriting curriculums implemented to strengthen pre-academic skill & cognition.
  • Engineering, Music and Yoga enrichments classes provided.
  • Spanish & Mandarin dual language classes provided.

The Kindle School difference

  • Provides a strong foundation for children to become confident in expressing themselves and experiencing the world around them.
  • Supporting hands-on & whole-body experiences to enable children to become active participants in their learning experience.
  • Fostering children to become active members in their communities, and explore the world as global citizens through a school program that promotes partnership & diversity.

Our School Program

At The Kindle School in the Heights, Inc., we believe in the unique way each child views the world and are committed to providing a wide variety of learning modalities applicable to real life experiences.

Our Admissions Program

Thank you so much for your interest in The Kindle School! We are a diverse
community and welcome you to visit and learn more about us. Our website
provides information regarding our admissions & enrollment process, as
well as the wonderful programs we offer.

Houston Childcare and Curriculum Based Preschool

OPEN ENROLLMENT for all (12mos to 5yrs), May 1st!

DISCOUNTS & WAIVERS on select fees for 3-5yrs during open enrollment.

(Promotion applied to first 15 applicants to enroll)

5317 Darling St.
Houston, Texas 77007