Snacks & Lunch

Snacks & Lunch

A nutritious morning and afternoon snack is provided for all students; however, parents may opt to provide alternate snack options for their child if they choose. The Kindle School in the Heights, Inc. does not provide lunch for our students. Parents are required to provide lunch for students.

All food served on our campus meets  Texas Childcare Licensing standards and NAEYC guidelines for nutrition. We ensure that all children are served nutritional snack foods in appropriate amounts for their dietary needs. 

We use the following food service guidelines:

  • Snacks served fresh.
  • Water is served at all “meal times” to each student in addition to drinks provided from home.
  • Caffeinated beverages and sports drinks are not permitted, and sugar, fructose or corn syrup-based drinks are highly discouraged.
  • Children are served a variety of whole-grain snacks, fresh-cut vegetables, and seasonal fresh fruits.
  • A variety of snack choices is provided.
  • The Kindle School in the Heights, Inc. is a “NUT FREE” school.

Parent Snack Letter

Sample Snack Menu


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